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CPD Accredited coaching course.
Great results, across all teams using existing resources.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE providing even greater speed
and flexibility for businesses using it.

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  • Proven coaching model
  • Engaging and effective
  • Less than 2 hours to complete and start using
  • Available to access 24/7
  • Mobile friendly learning
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For over a decade, businesses have driven outstanding customer experience and high performance by helping their people be more effective and consistent in their job roles.

They have unlocked huge performance gains using a simple, powerful and cost-effective tool – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®.

It helps managers and supervisors to drive their teams’ results upwards, rapidly and sustainably.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Online is accredited by the CPD Standards Office and counts towards your annual CPD requirement.

Course Overview

Time to complete: 2 hours

Time to complete:
2 hours

Course access: 1 year

Course access:
1 year

Audience: Suitable for all

Suitable for all

Assessment: Final test included as standard

Final test and certificate included

2 CPD Hours

2 CPD hours


Module 1
Why coaching drives great customer and employee experiences
15 minutes
Module 2
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® at work
25 minutes
Module 3
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Techniques
35 minutes + offline activities
Module 4
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Practice Scenarios
15 - 25 minutes
Module 5
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Assessment and Certificate
10 minutes


Number of
Price per Licence
(Ex. Vat)

*Displayed pricing represents a 10% or more saving per licence compared to the price of the first tier of 1-49 licences at £95.

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