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Online training for fast coaching skills

Achieve great performance, by making fast coaching second nature, with this leading-edge online training course.

Accreditation: 2 CPD hours

Coaching isn't a skill that comes naturally to everyone, and the thought of learning it can feel overwhelming. The Continue & Begin® online training course gives line managers the opportunity to learn to become a coach at their own pace. The interactivity and authentic scenarios bring the training to life allowing line managers to fully immerse themselves into a coaching role before practising with real people.

Continue & Begin® coaching conversations take place in the here and now, following an observation. These conversations begin by creating a positive mindset, making people feel good. When people feel good, they feel more resourceful, motivated and they feel confident to suggest how they can improve their performance.

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Course Overview

SCORM compliant

SCORM compliant:
course available directly through this website or can be hosted within your own organisation's Learning Management System.

Time to complete: 2 hours

Time to complete:
2 hours

Course access: 1 year

Course access:
1 year

face to face or online

Available in face to face or
blended formats
as well as online

Audience: Suitable for all

Suitable for managers/supervisors

Assessment: Final test included as standard

Final test and CPD certificate included

2 CPD Hours

2 CPD hours

Is this course right for you?

Continue & Begin® conversations are fast and effective.

Managers across all sectors using this framework can feel confident that:

  • They will drive measurable change
  • Their teams will feel empowered to improve
  • Positive behaviours will be reinforced and celebrated

If you knew you could coach in a few minutes to deliver improved performance…

wouldn't you?

This edition of Continue & Begin® Online is primarily aimed at people working in commercial sectors. If you are interested in our Public Service Edition, please click here.

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Why coaching drives great customer and employee experiences
An introduction to the power of coaching; why it can transform the way people work and the results they can achieve.
15 minutes
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® at work
The Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® model and how to use it. Each of the three steps or "chunks" is clearly explained and illustrated with practical, real world examples.
25 minutes
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Techniques
A toolkit of techniques to help you increase your awareness of the language used in coaching and apply your coaching skills.
35 minutes + offline activities
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Practice Scenarios
Interactive coaching conversations allowing you to practise and further develop your fast coaching skills in a variety of different settings.
15 - 25 minutes
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Assessment and CPD Certificate
Your opportunity to prove what you know - a rapid, robust assessment covering all aspects of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® and its application at work.
10 minutes


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