CPD Accredited coaching course.
Great results, across all teams using existing resources.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE providing even greater speed
and flexibility for organisations using it.

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  • Proven coaching model
  • Engaging and effective
  • Less than 2 hours to complete and apply learning
  • Available to access 24/7
  • Mobile friendly
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For over a decade, organisations of all types have been using Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® to help team members become more effective and consistent in their job roles, leading to improved service performance.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® builds on people’s existing strengths, helping them determine – and commit to – actions which will lead to even stronger results.

It supports managers and supervisors in helping their teams achieve more, rapidly and sustainably. It has proven impact in frontline teams working directly with service users and with colleagues in internal roles.

This course developed by The Motivation Agency has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Course Overview

Time to complete: 2 hours

Time to complete:
2 hours

Course access: 1 year

Course access:
1 year

Audience: Suitable for all

Suitable for all

Assessment: Final test included as standard

Final test included as standard

2 CPD Hours

2 CPD hours


Module 1
Why Coaching Helps Drive Great Experiences for Team Members and Service Users
15 minutes
Module 2
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® at work
25 minutes
Module 3
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Techniques
35 minutes + offline activities
Module 4
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Practice Scenarios
15-25 minutes
Module 5
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Assessment and Certificate
10 minutes


Number of
Price per Licence
(Ex. Vat)

*Displayed pricing represents a 10% or more saving per licence compared to the price of the first tier of 1-49 licences at £95.

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