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An online training course in empathy.
A fast track to building a critical workplace skill.
Develop productive, authentic and empathic relationships.

Empathy is rapidly becoming recognised as a critical future skill - it makes a substantial difference to the quality of working relationships and to the ability of organisations to get things done efficiently, through clear communication and shared understanding.

Em-Path is a unique set of resources which clarify what empathy is really about, what it means to be empathetic, the impact that this has and how you can start to develop this skill. It has been designed by experts in workplace relationships and learning, in collaboration with leaders, managers and frontline colleagues across a variety of industries.

All resources are easy and quick to use, providing a rich experience and valuable insights into the power of empathy at work.

Course Overview

SCORM compliant

SCORM compliant:
course available directly through this website or can be hosted within your own organisation's Learning Management System.

Time to complete: 2 hours

Time to complete:
2 hours

Course access: 1 year

Course access:
1 year

face to face or online

Available in face to face or
blended formats
as well as online

Audience: Suitable for all

Suitable for all

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Professionals applying the techniques of Em-Path Online will feel confident that they:

  • Have a sound working knowledge of what empathy is and why it matters.
  • Have the skill to respond empathetically, particularly during difficult conversations.
  • Will build stronger and more authentic relationships at work.

If your people felt more supported, understood and valued, they’d be more likely to stay…

wouldn't they?
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Taking the Em-Path
A brief overview and introduction to the Em-Path's resources.           
10 Minutes
Empathy and me
A short reflective questionnaire to help you consider where you stand in relation to some specific components of empathy.
10 Minutes
When there's none
Interactive scenarios exploring the impact of empathy (and the lack of it) at work.
20 Minutes
Sympathy vs Empathy
An animation explaining the difference between empathy and sympathy.
4 Minutes
An expert view
A podcast looking at where and why empathy makes a difference at work.
20 Minutes
Empathy facts
An infographic on empathy and its relationship with resilience, mental health, engagement, performance, achievement and success.
5 Minutes
Being an empathic leader
Interactive learning on developing stronger, more productive relationships with colleagues.
20 Minutes
What it looks like
An animation illustrating empathic behaviours using a non-work setting.       
3 Minutes
Empathy and our business
A short reflective questionnaire designed to help you to think about how evident empathy is in your workplace.
10 Minutes
What else? Further resources
Additional material to read, listen or watch.                                          


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