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A fast track to building empathy, a critical workplace skill.

Develop productive, authentic and empathic relationships at work.

Em-Path Online - powerful insights leading to a critical skill.

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  • Gain a deeper understanding of empathy and its impact in the workplace
  • Explore empathetic behaviours
  • Experience the change that empathy can make
  • A rich blend of resources that takes less than 2 hours to complete and start using
  • Available to access 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly learning
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Empathy is rapidly becoming recognised as a critical future skill - it makes a substantial difference to the quality of working relationships and to the ability of organisations to get things done efficiently, through clear communication and shared understanding.

Em-Path is a unique set of resources which clarify what empathy is really about, what it means to be empathetic, the impact that this has and how you can start to develop this skill. It has been designed by experts in workplace relationships and learning, in collaboration with leaders, managers and frontline colleagues across a variety of industries.

All resources are easy and quick to use, providing a rich experience and valuable insights into the power of empathy at work.

Course Overview

Time to complete: 2 hours

Time to complete:
2 hours

Course access: 1 year

Course access:
1 year

Audience: Suitable for all

Suitable for all


Taking the Em-Path
A brief overview and introduction to the Em-Path’s resources.
Empathy and me
A reflective questionnaire, looking at what it means to be empathic.
When there’s none
Some interactive conversations, exploring different approaches to the same problems, including empathic ones.
Sympathy vs Empathy
A short animation illustrating the critical difference between these two styles.
An expert view
An audio conversation, providing some key insights into the difference that empathy can make.
Empathy facts
A graphic summary highlighting what the research proves about the need for empathy.
Being an empathic leader
An interactive experience, showing how empathy can be used to develop stronger relationships at work.
What it looks like
An animation bringing empathy skills to life in a difficult situation.
Empathy and our business
A reflective questionnaire, considering the characteristics of an organisation where empathy features strongly.
What else?
Further resources, guiding your continued journey along the Em-Path.


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*Displayed pricing represents an 8% or more saving per licence compared to the price of the first tier of 1-49 licences at £59.

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