ūüĒ•Become an Intentional Leader with Purpose.¬†¬†

Embark on a transformative journey with our ready-to-go Leadership Development Training, crafted to unlock people’s potential to be great leaders. 

Our training encourages self-awareness, guiding aspiring leaders to embody authenticity and elevate their effectiveness. The benefits extend far beyond theoretical knowledge, offering tangible skills and insights that can be immediately applied in the workplace. 

Participants will gain the ability to apply the right type of leadership in varying workplace scenarios, ensuring adaptability and success.

From £3,000 exc. VAT
* displayed price is for groups of up to 12 managers.

pink tick icon in a circle Face-to-face or virtual

Icon of a laptop Up to 3 sessions

icon of a pink clock  6 hours total 

location icon  Location of your choice

Whether you are an aspiring leader eager to enhance your skills or an organization committed to fostering a culture of impactful leadership, our program is designed to meet your needs.  

Attending this training course will benefit professionals from diverse industries, seeking to empower them with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools needed to navigate the complexities of leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape.

This training course enables leaders to:

White tick icon Navigate complexity and foster adaptability and resilience. 

White tick icon Lead authentically and promote genuine connections. 

White tick icon Apply diverse leadership models in varying scenarios. 

White tick icon Inspire and influence others positively.

White tick icon Drive organisational success.

White tick icon Enhance professional growth. 

Topics covered include:


White tick icon Foundations of leadership: Understand leadership styles and leadership vs management..

White tick icon Self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

White tick icon Adaptive leadership styles and building resilience. 

White tick icon Team dynamics and collaboration.

White tick icon Conflict resolution.

White tick icon Diversity and inclusion: leading inclusively.

White tick icon Communicate like a leader: Effective communication strategies.

Join us
on this transformative journey.