MANAGing across generations

🚀 Collaboration in the great generational mix

A diverse team, encompassing differences in age, culture, ethnicity, and various backgrounds, holds significant potential to enhance workplace dynamics.

Individuals are often deeply influenced by the generation they belong to, with their behaviours and expectations shaped by the prevailing culture and experiences of their time. It is crucial to recognise that a team member’s age or background doesn’t determine their inherent preferences and work styles.

From £3,000 exc. VAT
* displayed price is for groups of up to 12 managers.

pink tick icon in a circle Face-to-face or virtual

Icon of a laptop Up to 3 sessions

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This interactive workshop delves into the strategies employed by adept managers to comprehend their team members on an individual level. By adapting accordingly, managers can foster productive collaboration and establish a successful, harmonious working environment for the entire team.

Attending this training will benefit managers at every stage of their career, offering a transformative experience to support them in navigating the modern workplace.  

By the end of this training course managers will be able to:

White tick icon Work productively with teams made up of people from multiple generations.

White tick icon Identify different preferences in communication and working styles which enable them to maintain commitment and healthy relationships within a team.

White tick icon Create an inclusive team environment where all members are fully able to work to their strengths and are motivated to contribute their best work.

Topics covered include:


White tick icon The make-up of a team: how to shape what you have, to get the best results.

White tick icon Generational realities, trends, myths and their origins.

White tick icon What managers need to get right every time.

White tick icon Team cohesion alongside individual styles.

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