motivational interviewing

Supporting behaviour change in others.

Motivational Interviewing is a communication style designed to help people to make positive changes in their life.

It helps people to make changes in situations where they find it hard to buy into solutions either because they don’t want to change, cannot see the need to change or do not feel able to change. 

It brings together the very different disciplines of listening and guiding, encouraging people to find and make choices which they feel able to take into action. 

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* displayed price is for groups of up to 12 managers.

pink tick icon in a circle Face-to-face or virtual

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icon of a pink clock  6 hours total 

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This workshop explores these disciplines using real-life scenarios combined with practice sessions so participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge to use Motivational Interviewing with confidence.  

By the end of this course attendees will be able to:

White tick icon Listen empathically, demonstrate a clear understanding of what is being said, respond appropriately and productively. 

White tick icon Frame and ask open questions, in ways that are non-judgemental and that move conversations forward. 

White tick icon Identify the feelings of the people they are speaking with, to pick up on ambivalence and negativity early and respond to them appropriately. 

White tick icon Discuss sensitive and potentially distressing issues while demonstrating humanity and a clear appreciation of the other person’s situation and needs, to help them find their best way forward. 

White tick icon Appreciate different communication styles (including non-verbal ones) and be confident to find productive words or ways to respond, in the moment, to different situations and challenges. 

Topics covered include:

White tick icon Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 

White tick icon Developing the Rapport 

White tick icon Gaining the Insight 

White tick icon Finding the Words 

White tick icon Handling the Emotions 

White tick icon Taking it Back to Work 


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