ūüöÄ Elevate your leadership game with our people management training.

This interactive training is crafted from real-world insights and robust research to help managers reshape their leadership styles and successfully contribute to business success. 

Backed by seasoned managers’ first hand experiences, this training programme will enhance managers‚Äô skills, knowledge, and confidence.¬†

Uncover the key to managing across different generations, create unique onboarding experiences, manage difficult conversations and much more.  

From £3,000 exc. VAT
* displayed price is for groups of up to 12 managers.

pink tick icon in a circle Face-to-face, virtual or blended

Icon of a laptop Up to 3 sessions

icon of a pink clock  6 hours total 

location icon  Location of your choice

Attending this training will benefit managers at every stage of their career, offering a transformative experience to support them in navigating the modern workplace.  

This training course enables:

White tick icon Experienced managers to gain a fresh perspective and redefine their approach through continuous improvement. 

White tick icon New managers to acquire a foundational toolkit that equips them with essential skills to foster a confident leadership style.

White tick icon Mid-Level managers to acquire the skills to manage across generations and progress in their career.

White tick icon Organisational Teams to promote and acquire a shared understanding of effective leadership practices.

Topics covered include:


White tick icon Authentic feedback: Provide authentic and honest feedback that fosters trust and continuous improvement.

White tick icon Goal Setting: Set clear goals and objectives that align with the business vision.

White tick icon Understanding leadership: Understand what it means to be a leader while balancing professionalism with your unique personality and set of values. 

White tick icon Pressure management: Acquire the skills to keep focussed and cool during challenging situations, ensuring effective decision making.

White tick iconPeople management: Leverage your people’s potential while applying an empathetic approach.

White tick iconPerformance management: Learn how to address poor performance, reward great accomplishment and support your team.

White tick iconManaging across generations: Manage different generations in the workplace, understand their values and what motivates them.

White tick icon Handling career ambitions:¬† Foster a positive and collaborative environment while supporting your team’s growth and addressing concerns.

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