tackling difficult conversations

Critical skills for difficult conversations.  

It is a reality of management that difficult situations will arise, requiring clear, fair and productive conversations with team members.  

These difficult conversations usually benefit from good preparation and, for practical, human (and sometimes legal) reasons, being addressed in a timely way – never avoided or put off.  

This workshop explores the critical skills managers require to tackle these difficult conversations including clear thinking, resilience and empathy.

From £3,000 exc. VAT
* displayed price is for groups of up to 12 managers.

pink tick icon in a circle Face-to-face, virtual

Icon of a laptop Up to 3 sessions

icon of a pink clock  6 hours total 

location icon  Location of your choice

The workshop includes activities where participants can practice holding productive conversations on sensitive subjects.  

Attending this training will benefit managers at every stage of their career, offering a transformative experience to support them in navigating the modern workplace.  

This training course managers will be able to:

White tick icon Identify potentially challenging and conflictual situations early and take action to prevent unnecessary escalation.

White tick icon Confidently take part in difficult and challenging conversations, remaining objective and working toward positive resolutions for everyone who is impacted.

White tick icon Guide others in resolving challenges and conflicts easily, early and productively. 

Topics covered include:


White tick icon The motivational conversation – working to positive outcomes and promoting ownership. 

White tick icon Resisting the righting reflex.

White tick icon Listening to understand (not listening to respond) and thinking clearly in the moment.

White tick icon Questions that move people forward. 

White tick icon Emotional intelligence and empathy

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